We at Billet Box Vapor are the designers, manufactures, online resellers and support for the Billet Box E-Vaporizer, located in the mountain'y type part of Utah, here in the super awesome USA.  The Billet Box was invented because our founder really need a product that simply didn’t exist.  A convenient, powerful Vaporizer that did not need frequent attention throughout the day, with all its components internalized, and protected from the abuse found in work more physical than an office setting.  We manufacture the Billet Box locally keeping employment close to home and ensuring our products quality meets our high standards.  We sell in house to save you money.  Relying on distributors alone raises the end cost higher than we want it to be, and we want every owner of a Billet Box to feel they got the most bang for their hard earned (or otherwise)​​ buck.  

We are here because we feel we have the best damn E-Vaporizer available on the market,,, Basta!

About Billet Box Vapor llc