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The Flipper, and why you don't want one.

update *Sold OuT...* 5-9-15

A few notes about the Flipper before they pop up in the shop tomorrow morning.

First off, the flipper is NOT a consumer product, it is more an exotic subspecies of unicorn. It is not practical nor affordable in the slightest to make. The flipper is our billet box machined from a 4 lb block of 464 Naval Brass. We did a run of 27 of these back in 2013 as a response to people buying our regular boxes for no other reason then to flip them. We hoped that introducing a rare type of box would lessen the desirability of our regular product. That first run showed us just how labor intensive these really were to build and we had no intentions of doing it again, but lots of people kept asking... we recently caved. Despite the price tag, these are a wash for us, the raw stock is astronomically expensive, they take 2 times the machine time to cut, and over 20 times the hand work to fit and finish... to be blunt, they suck and we hate them. This run is one smaller than the first, there are only 26.

The flipper is EXPENSIVE, that IS the point of it. It has no practical benifit whatsoever aside from being what it is.

It does however have some pros and cons...


It is raw brass, only coated with a layer of wax before getting wrapped up. It will age and patina just as any other material containing copper. It costs way too much to exist. It is a shiny fingerprint magnet. It will scratch easily. It is not a good dancer, it's ok... but not great. It is more malleable than aluminum and less resilient to drop impact. It is heavy, over 13 ounces without batteries, and 15 ounces all set up.


Shiny. It will age like a fine tool should. It will polish with handling.

Looks super classy at dinner parties. It is what it is.

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