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Cop'purr Plates

This has been a pretty regular request for a few years now. Though it sounds easy enough, it really took a good amount of tinkering to find the best way to go about swinging it, and deserves a little explaining about what and what not to expect from copper plates.

First of all, how they look new is NOT how they will look the day after handling. After a month, they will be 100% unique. Copper is a very soft metal, it will scratch. For anyone who is determined to keep their device 100% pristine, keep clear, there is no chance. That is kinda the point of using copper aesthetically, it is always changing with handling, exposure to air, salts, acids and oils. We used 99.9% pure copper for these plates, and it is raw/uncoated except for a thin layer of wax. It can be engraved, forced to patina, or just left to age gracefully on it's own. As there was no copper available in the exact thickness we needed for our plates we were forced to machine them down, and since we were at it, decided to machine holographic waves into the surface... cuz we can... the effect is awesome, and adds a ton to look at before the copper starts to age.

Copper plates will not be in our weekly line up, the machine time, stock prep, and extreme care in handling required while putting these together make them a little not worth doing but for the love and heck of it... This first run is only on our Ratblack bodies with the black buttons... On the black, we found any of the shell/metal buttons to look a little overkill.

Needless to say, if you happen to have a copper allergy, this would be a bad thing to be holding.

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