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Efest Bad-tteries

We have always recommended AW cells for powering the Billet Box, but there are many other batteries that work great too. Until recently the Black Efest cells were just fine, however a recent change in their production has the cells way over sized and will no longer fit in the Billet Box. The numbers on the battery are a representation of their size, the billet box takes 16340, this equals 16mm diameter x 34 mm long. The new E-fests are 37 mm long, and will not fit in the Billet Box. Forcing them in will take a massive amount of force and will likely damage the box.

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heads up to anyone outside of the USA, shipping has temporarily become STUPID EXPENSIVE!!! Like over 100 bucks, in some cases much more... we are working on an answer to get it back to reasonable,

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well,,, crap. batch delay again.... nice... way to go 2021,,,,, i had such high hopes for you... nothing too bad, but we need to stop building for a bit while, A : someone is sick with what he say'

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