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Next Batch Sunday the 24th (not Saturday)

We need one more day to get our batch numbers as high as we can, and get a few new thing we're going to start offering up in our shop in order. We have a tactic in place for flippers, sooooo, just don't try... we are going to take control of the flip price ourselves... our stats tell that 9% of our Rev 4 sales to date were bought with no other intention other than to be flipped... We have 9% of our batch set aside for the anti flip effort... in which we simply engrave a dead dolphin on the box, give it a button we don't have in production yet and sell it for less than the lowest recorded flip price (1000 bucks). As flipping decreases, and flip price drops, we will lower the percentage and the price until this isn't a problem anymore.. Flippers stop profiting, batches stay up longer for the folks that are willing to wait until they they pop up in our shop at a list price, and for the few out there that are willing to snag one no matter the cost without F5ing, you at least get something a bit special and direct from us (it's common knowledge that 100% of all flippers fart on the devices before they send to the people they hosed...).

PS; will be doing some rework to our site soon, we have just been giving everything we got to our production....

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heads up to anyone outside of the USA, shipping has temporarily become STUPID EXPENSIVE!!! Like over 100 bucks, in some cases much more... we are working on an answer to get it back to reasonable,

Next Batch Sale Jan 23rd 9:30mst

well,,, crap. batch delay again.... nice... way to go 2021,,,,, i had such high hopes for you... nothing too bad, but we need to stop building for a bit while, A : someone is sick with what he say'

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