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Gonna have some new toys up in the shop starting today!!! Ohman has been making all kinds of neat stuff for the Billet Box for years now. Including the Kangaroo, the Kanger OCC platform adapter, and now the UNO, a simple, no ceramic cup, roll your own platform. Ohman's signature modus operandi is making all his shiz out of implant grade titanium... yah, he talks a lot of crap on stainless steel but Ti comes at a price,,,, we all don't poop krugerrands...( well, i do, but that was only once and i had to really clean that thing off before hocking it on ebay) Regardless, Ohman is in no way overpriced for the quality, innovation, craftsmanship and materials he delivers. Bottom line, he kicks ass and we like him!!!

He also makes one off, custom hybrid tips for the BB (see above, mine's blue with squiggly lines!!!), both for Rev1~3 and now for the Rev 4, but as these are custom one of a kind orders, you'll have to get hold of him through his site www.ohmanstuff.com and ask him nicely to craft ya one...

PS: The reason we have not offered the Kangaroo until now is that the firing pin in the Rev3 and lower was simply not made to work with the large diameter connection pins on the OCC heads... Yes, it worked... some of the time, but some times it didn't without modification. The Rev4 has a slightly different firing pin inside it guarantees a good connection with OCC sized pins.

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