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HAPPY 8th!!!!!!!

Congratulations!!!! If you're in the states and you vape, you officially are a tobacco user again... All of your non tobacco using friends and family are now, once again, able to look at you and your sorry ass life choices with disdain and disgust.. w0000t!!!

As of today the US vaping industry has been encompassed by the Food and Drug Administration, this comes with lots of happy new rules that suck some amount of poo. It would be a lie for us to say we fully understand all of it, so we can't super pinky promise anything we say is the truth... but here is how we interpret what is going on as far as Billet Box is concerned...

what we can't do.

No new devices or changes to products after today unless something changes with the FDA or the FDA gives approval. We have however, taken steps to protect our selves in the case of lack of availability of boards. AKA, I made and sold Rev.4s with a few different boards, but no new board tech released after today will make it's way into US devices without a green light from the FDA.

Any more colors.. Really, that's a thing... At least for the main aluminum body... Any color we have done, we can continue to do...

No more buttons that we haven't done before, but we have done just about everything before so no big deal...

No new adapters for coils that arn't out as of now. We have an adapter for just about every coil that will fit in the tank that is currently on the market in the USA. As the rest of the world actually progresses in vaping tech, i'm sure they will send it our way via little packages that say (quite truthfully) "metal part".

What we can do...

Continue to sell the Rev.4 in the USA for a time, in the colors we have already done, with boards we have already used, this includes all DNA boards that Evolv has put out to date that fit the Rev.4s electrical compartment.

Anything we damn well please with the plates. The way we read the new rules, is that the panels for our box are technically skins, they are not required for it's function and as such, we can continue to do neat things there.

What we may have to do...

There is a lot of new rules for packaging... but, ummm, we no haz... as we never needed nor cared for it.. we may have to get some just so we can print warning labels on it.. idunno... but there appears to be some time frame for us to get that in order...

Some more age checking on orders. We are figuring out how far we need to go here, but something will be in place before our next batch.

So that's it in a nutshell, the USA is now on Vapor Tech Lock Down... Bummer.. but a carbon monoxide laced burger and quarter gallon of high fructose corn syrup will make me feel better bout' it!!!

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