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We got'z stuff!!! Hit'n the shop at 8:30am MST... but heads up, you haz to type in your birthrate to enter the shop now, turns out from a legal perspective, this is totally legit, and a check box super pinky swearing you're old enough to vape doesn't cut it... you has to type it.. anywhoooo, as the age verify is new and we don't want any trouble, make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser, it works by giving your browser a text file certificate (cookie) that will only remain active for a period of time, think it's like half hour.. wish i had some cookies right now... all i got is rock hard stale pizza... and somebody left some pickled asparagus in the shop fridge... oh joy :(

in other news, still waiting for our kirinite stock to show up, it'll happen, but probably looking like another two weeks out until we have it machined and start getting sets polished up...

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