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First Batch of the Year Saturday!!!

HappY 2017!!! WoooooT!!! We're going into this year under the pretense that 2017 will be the greatest year that ever was or will be ... after 2016, it really shouldn't be too hard by comparison.... for that reason, i am refusing to claim that this year, 2017, has done anything thus far to piss anyone off... and therefor i'll be blaming the following on that jerk that was 2016. (deep breath, head down) Pennsylvania and Arkansas, we can no longer sell to you.... (look up apologetically, pleading forgiveness) it wasn't us, it was your legislation... it was out of our hands.... (find cover as PA & AR throws random knick knacks and a stapler) *sigh* hope you gots some friends or family out of state.... For the remaining 47 states and the larger part of the rest of the world, our first batch of the year will be hitting our shop this Saturday mornin' at 8:30 MST, and there'll be bunch loads!!!

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