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Next batch be 60s, Sat the 4th @ 8:30 MST

Out with the 40s, we'z cramming DNA 60s in all our BBs from here on out.

Q & A

Price going up?


Can we sell that in the USA?

Yup, sure can...

but isn't it after Aug 8th?

Sure is, but we've had our hands on the DNA 60s since June and have sold what we needed before Aug 8th to get them on our FDA lineup.

But why nowz??? Hasn't the 60 been out since August?

Yes, but not in quantity for manufactures to do large runs with, it couldn't happen until now.

60 sounds like lotz of watts, do I want to vape at 60 watts?

Probably not, most won't. But there are a handful of coils that are made specifically to work in that range or higher, and RBA folks seem to like to roll big fat coils out of big fat wire.... and that needs big fat watts...

So it can output 60 watts, can it do anything else?

A few other tricks. The 60 now has temp sensing curves not only for Ni200 but also for titanium and stainless steel.

Can I have a boston terrier puppy for my birthday?

You bet.. Heck, get two!!!

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