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Batch up Sat. 8:30mst and....

Blemz... factory seconds... for the quite a few years we have been outsourcing our anodizing... and on the whole, our anodizers do a great job... actually to put a number on it,,, 84% of the time they do a great job... the other 16% they suck and i want to throw flaming bags of dog poop at them... in case you haven't noticed, we sell out of stock pretty quick, i could really go for them NOT f'ing up 16% of our hard work... but they do, and that's life, and life sucks, and that's probably and Aristotle quote!!!

Anywhoooo, some of that 16% is for really tiny things, mostly a little little fleck of white someplace, or a tiny little ding... We went through the 16% and picked out ones that were just really minor, engraved the fronts like so....

and then put um together. Along with our pristine batch that will hit the shop this Saturday, these guys will be up too, and at cost of less money dollars!!! So if you're the type that's just gonna drop it on the concrete right off the bat anyway, here ya go!!! So what do these little imperfections look?

or a little ding, or a stupid little haze, or the bite marks of a rabid squirrel....

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