• Raawwwrr

a box, for a box

ZOMG, look at what a super professional looking box...

We'll have some boxes showing back up in the shop in bout' a day or two... and they will ship in this very exciting burnt thing!!!


WOW, see the way the cross linked polyethylene foam just hugs the crap out of our box... it's like when you see a pigeon, and u just want to squeeze it... that's what the foam is doing to the box.....so the box is the pigeon... and the foam is you hugging, and the other box is,, umm... this made sense to me a second ago... i lost it... just look at how great the stupid foam is....really great....

oh, annnnnnnd what about when you take the box OUT of the box??? think of all the other things you can do with the box...

you can hold your loose change.......that's like 4.6 million if converted to usd....

the box is great for curing soppressata!!!

need a place to stash your grolsch??? box has ya covered!!!

all out of clean bowls for your spinach and arugula mix??? problem solved!!!

awww, look at how happy louis & keely are in the box..... they love the box....

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