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added dump...

was asked to add the dumpster fire to the last of our anodized boxes too. hadn't planned to as they had already been engraved with 2020, but it seemed to be in demand,,,, so i just went ahead and added it above,,, now absolutely every box sold today has it in one spot or another....

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international shipping warning

heads up to anyone outside of the USA, shipping has temporarily become STUPID EXPENSIVE!!! Like over 100 bucks, in some cases much more... we are working on an answer to get it back to reasonable,

Next Batch Sale Jan 23rd 9:30mst

well,,, crap. batch delay again.... nice... way to go 2021,,,,, i had such high hopes for you... nothing too bad, but we need to stop building for a bit while, A : someone is sick with what he say'

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