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back to work....

k, so we took a little over a week break when the pandemic crap came into our county, we wanted to wait and see what kinda spread it would do... well, though not over by a long shot, our numbers here are still very low,,, so we felt it was time to get back to doing things... we only came in a few days this week so we won't have much to put up this morning, but we will have some.... had a lot of requests for more ultem-ate phish "i" butt-tonz, so we made up what little we gotz with um... teal and Kürbis will get the f-u button for the first time,,, but like i said, not many,,, if you don't like to hustle while ordering, maybe sit this one out... we super don't want anyone disappointed... give us some time to get back into the swing of things.... just swinging like 6 feet apart, and spraying each other with isopropyl alcohol... anywhoo, not out of woods, still being very careful, anything could still happen... but for the time, we feel good getting back to work...

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international shipping warning

heads up to anyone outside of the USA, shipping has temporarily become STUPID EXPENSIVE!!! Like over 100 bucks, in some cases much more... we are working on an answer to get it back to reasonable,

Next Batch Sale Jan 23rd 9:30mst

well,,, crap. batch delay again.... nice... way to go 2021,,,,, i had such high hopes for you... nothing too bad, but we need to stop building for a bit while, A : someone is sick with what he say'

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