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Covid and Murder Hornets and Independence, Oh My....

well, it'd sure be nice to simply wish a

"Happy Independence Day"

to all in these "lets revolt cuz this tea costs way to damn much" united states.... but no... instead, here's wishing a

"Massively Anal Retentively Cautious Independence Day"....

I ain't say'n don't enjoy it... it's just, with the shit show 2020 has proved so far, every roman candle is likely to start a forest fire or burn down a baby panda orphanage.... Every hibachi lit up to roast hot dogs, very well may just flat blow the f' up in a big fiery ball visible from space...

i'm just super not in the mood for an apocalypse right now...

anywhooo, $20.20 off all boxes today... woot.... ehh, it's hard to woot right now... don't even feel like wooting... i feel like i want cheese cake... i'ma go see if i can find one... the type with that kinda raspberry stuff on top.... Mmhmm... ohyahhaa... ..

oh, and wear a life vest if you're going boating... i' don't give a crap if your a good swimmer, u might get a cramp...

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